Topic 1 Climate change and urban living: statistics and links

1. Short Video Lecture

1.1 Questions

  • Question 1: What are currently the main climate hazards for the city where you live (or the nearest city)?
  • Question 2: How well prepared do you think your city (or the nearest city) is to cope with extreme weather events – like a heat wave, drought or heavy rainfall? And is your home prepared?
  • Question 3: How could you better adapt your house to the local climate? For example, how could you improve the thermal comfort of your home so that it is more comfortable in summer and winter – and without increasing energy consumption? Or how could you reduce domestic tap water consumption and make use of other water sources?
  • Question 4: How well adapted is your street to the climate? Does the urban environment (trees, pavements, street furniture, infrastructure…) help reduce your vulnerability to extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, drought or strong winds?