Topic 2 Adaptation challenges

Self-Directed Learning Activity

Activity Title/Topic:Assessment of your activities that contribute to climate change.
Duration of Activity:This self-directed learning is planned for a total duration of 90 minutes
Learning Outcome:At the end of this activity, you should be able to recognize how your activities are contributing to climate change, recognize how they are damaging us and how you can seek solutions to minimize their negative effects.
Materials Required:Required: Paper and writing material (alternatively, it can be done on a computer), access to an internet search engine (computer, smartphone, tablet, ...). Optional: coloured pencils/colouring pens.
Aim of Activity:Assess how your activities are contributing to climate change. Ultimately we will talk about how can we mitigate these

Step-by-step instructions:

After this talk, break up into small groups and discuss the importance of money when adapting to climate change

For guidance watch the movie: Climate Change Is Happening. Here’s How We Adapt | Alice Bows-Larkin | TED Talks – YouTube

Quote: “Some parts of world emissions are needing to rise – other parts of the world`s emissions need to reduce – significant challenges to wealthy nations”

Task: One group will focus on wealthy nations priorities, the other group will focus on developing countries needs. Bring arguments to each other.

On a sheet of paper, summarize the information collected, in bullets, in a two-column list (you can use different colors in each column if you want) with the main points of view of the two positions.

Based on your reflection resulting from the previous three steps, prepare a short note, of no more than one A4 page, summarising your views based on your regions priorities.

Exposure and preparation varies from city to city – identify at least 3 major exposures in your region that happened in the last 10 years and tell us how you would prepare for them – think of at least three adaptation measure to lessen the impact

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the next logical step that could be taken in your city  in order to prepare yourself for the next imminent danger
  2. What is the next logical step that you could take in your region  in order to prepare yourself for the next imminent danger

After finalizing your short note, we suggest that you make a list of the top 5 priorities and address it to your “bosses” – this can be your teacher, your boss, your mayor, etc. Ask their opinion about the topic, measure their knowledge about climate change.

Based on what you have already learned about climate adaptation you have the following tasks:

  • Identify 3 non valuable vacant lots in your city where solar panels can be installed
  • Identify 3 non valuable vacant slots in your city where trees can be planted