Topic 2 Impacts of climate change on human health

Self-Directed Learning Activity

Activity Title/Topic:Assessing high temperatures for human health and identifying solutions
Duration of Activity:This self-directed learning is planned for a total duration of 60 minutes.
Learning Outcome:At the end of this activity, you should be able to identify the main risks resulting from high temperatures for your health and identify adaptation options that can be taken to reduce these risks.
Materials Required:Required: Paper and writing material (alternatively, it can be done on a computer), access to an internet search engine (computer, smartphone, tablet, ...).
Aim of Activity:Help you to assess how high temperatures can affect your health and how you can adapt to increase your resilience, identifying the most advantageous and sustainable solutions.

Step-by-step instructions:

After reading, reflect on the main risks that high temperatures pose to your health and search the internet on your favourite search engine for actions that can be taken and the benefits that can result from those actions.

On a sheet of paper, summarise the information gathered, in bullets, in a list identifying the actions you can take to reduce the impacts of high temperatures on human health.

Based on what you have learned about the risks of high temperatures for human health and the outcome of your reflection, mark the three actions you think you can take in order to contribute to minimising its negative effects.

After finalizing your short note, we suggest that you make a list of the top 5 priorities and address it to your “bosses” – this can be your teacher, your boss, your mayor, etc. Ask their opinion about the topic, measure their knowledge about climate change.