Topic 2 Relationship between climate change and food consumption

Self-Directed Learning Activity

Activity Title/Topic:Connection between food consumption and climate change
Duration of Activity:This self-directed learning is planned for a total duration of 60 minutes
Learning Outcome:At the end of this activity, you should be able to identify the impact of food production, consumption, waste on climate change and solutions to reduce it
Materials Required:Required: Paper and writing material (alternatively, it can be done on a computer), access to an internet search engine (computer, smartphone, tablet, ...)
Aim of Activity:Help you to assess how food consumption can affect climate and how you can contribute to reduce this impact

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. How food consumption is related to climate change? Please give some figures!
  2. What are the negative environmental impacts of food production, consumtion, waste?
  3. What percentage of food produced goes to waste each year?
  1. List three solutions you like from the Drawdown project to reduce the impact of food production on climate change.
  1. Based on what you have learned in this chapter, can you find three things you can do for yourself in the coming weeks to reduce the impact of your food consumption on climate change?
  2. What motto do you choose for this challenge?